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The 16 technical colleges across the state offer a wide variety of online courses. These online courses provide a high-quality, low-cost, convenient option for completing your first year of college. All courses offered through SCTechConnect seamlessly transfer to South Carolina’s public colleges and universities.


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Courses Offered

Through SCTechConnect, our colleges provide a wide variety of courses online. Some of our colleges offer full Associate of Arts and Associate of Science programs online as well as other degree, diploma, and certificate programs. The following list indicates just a sampling of the quality online college courses you can get through SCTechConnect.

This course presents the following topics: a study of composition in conjunction with appropriate literary selections, with frequent theme assignments to reinforce effective writing. A review of standard usage and the basic techniques of research are also presented.

This course presents the following topics: development of writing skills through logical organization, effective style, literary analysis and research. An introduction to literary genre is also included.

This course is an introduction to principles of public speaking with application of speaking skills. Students entering this course must be able to communicate clearly with American speakers of English.

This course includes the following topics and concepts in the science of behavior: scientific method, biological bases for behavior, perception, motivation, learning memory, development, personality, abnormal behavior, therapeutic techniques, and social psychology.

This course emphasizes the fundamental concepts and principles of sociology, including culture, socialization, interaction, social groups and stratification, effects of population growth, and technology in society and social institutions.

This course includes the following topics: polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions; inequalities; systems of equations and inequalities; matrices; determinants; simple linear programming; solutions of higher degree polynomials; combinatorial algebra, including the binomial theorem; and introduction to probability.

This course includes the following topics: circular functions; trigonometric identities; solution of right and oblique triangles; solution of trigonometric equations; polar coordinates; complex numbers, including DeMoivre's Theorem; vectors; conic sections; sequences; and series. (Graphic calculator required)

This course is a survey of western civilization from ancient times to 1689, including the major political, social, economic, and intellectual factors shaping western cultural tradition.

This course is an introduction to the study of music with focus on the elements of music and their relationships, the musical characteristics of representative works and composers, common musical forms and genres of various western and non-western historical style periods, and appropriate listening experiences.

This course includes the appreciation and analysis of theatrical literature, history, and production.

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